Video: Midwest City Native L-Smooth Has A Fire Song With A Classic Feel!

When It Comes To Authentic Music With Meaning L-Smooth Mensah Gets It.

L-Smooth Mensah Ft. Cap "Slick Talk"


L-Smooth Mensah

In the world of Hip Hop, most artists are recognized as having a very distinguished image that identifies with their street life, but not for L-Smooth Mensah. He doesn’t fit the usual profile of an artist in the Hip Hop nation. His smooth style of production approaches the new millennium in an effort to bring substance, originality, and underlying energy to the city streets. L-Smooth is able to share his daily life experiences and be the voice of his peers through sharp lyrical storytelling.

Lamar L-Smooth Mensah was born and raised in a lower class area of Midwest City, Oklahoma by his single mother whom worked two jobs to take care of him and his sister. At a very early age, he spent most of his time free-styling with his friends. At 13, L-Smooth admired many Hip Hop artists in the Golden Era from the West Coast, East Coast, and Down South, such as Fabulous, Redman, Scarface, Outkast, Big Boi, and Talib Kweli.

His passion and hunger to use his voice to make a difference in the lives of others led him to writing and recording music that was putting out a positive message. L-Smooth said, “My music breathes life into people that need to hear a good message that will change their negative mindset to a positive way of thinking.

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