Who Is HuckWheat?

OKC Artist "HuckWheat" Has A Crazy Flow!!!

HuckWheat - "Sour Cream"


Huckwheat is an American recording and visual artist based from Oklahoma City. As 1/4 of art and music collective Sativa Prophets, Huckwheat provides an energetic, raspy, soulful voice and presence. Influences such as James Brown, Outkast, and Mos Def have helped create solo albums like "Buddah Leaf" ('15), "Alaok"('17), and "Me & My Garage"('18). From music festivals to opening support for major touring acts and hosting events/parties in Oklahoma City, Huckwheat has landed himself in front of many types of crowds. A few viral videos and some national attention helped Huckwheat and fellow Sativa Prophets members hit their first Southwestern American tour in 2017. In his catalogue there is a wide variety for listeners and consumers. Songs like "Kit kat bars" and "Trollstice" showcase the word play. Whereas "Happy Hour" and "Light Floor" bring you an R&B/pop feel. #allartmatters Huckwheat keeps his hands busy with side projects such as "Paint Stained Everything". Alongside fellow prophet Rodrick Malone, they create and sell "Experimental Wearable Art and Decor". Clothes, shoes, coffee tables, lamp shades...everything. In many interviews Huck has expressed his love and passion to create just for the sake of creating. Which you'll see and hear within his respectable mediums of choice.

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